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Health Canada is the Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health.
The mission of the NIEHS is to reduce the burden of human illness and disability by understanding how the environment influences the development of human disease.

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Electric and Magnetic Fields and the Canadian Electricity Industry

Power-frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) exist wherever electricity is present. Everyone is exposed to a full spectrum of EMF frequencies, including both natural and manmade sources. The latter include radio waves and the frequencies used in medical imaging technologies.

For several decades, the scientific community has been exploring the hypothesis that EMF could affect human health. Scientific evidence to date has not established adverse health effects resulting from exposure to power-frequency EMF at levels normally encountered in homes, schools and offices. The scientific community does recognize that some questions remain about the possible relationship between EMF at extremely low frequency (ELF) and certain human diseases.

The following document outlines CEA’s position in detail.

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